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Private projects
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The company PARASKEVAIDIS is based in Kastoria and is active in the field of technical works. Undertakes any kind of Private earthworks or technical work.
The company also has a civil engineer (EDE) who undertakes private projects, from where we are requested in Kastoria, Kozani, Florina, Grevena.
He has been in the field of construction since 1978 with a lot of experience especially in earthworks but also in any kind of technical project or work. Because earthmoving works cover a wide range of tasks and earthmoving machines are required depending on the work being performed, for this reason the company has full technological equipment of earthmoving machines with experienced operators, able to carry out the tasks assigned to them and with the aim of correct completion of the project, the complete satisfaction of the customer and always with respect for the environment.

OUR SERVICES: Excavations, embankments, dredging, private sewage networks, private water supply networks, irrigation networks, landscaping, transportation and supply of all types of aggregate and earth materials.